Boundary Disputes Ingleby Barwick

Boundary Disputes Ingleby Barwick

Are you involved in a boundary dispute and looking for professional legal advice in Ingleby Barwick? Merritts Solicitors can help! Our team has the necessary experience and expertise that is needed to guide you through all kinds of disputes.

Usually boundary disputes occur with neighbours disagreeing on what side of the boundary is theirs, as well as the objection to any extensions or construction within those boundaries. Having an ongoing argument with your neighbour can make everyday life difficult so we look to have clear negotiations with property owners to try and avoid court proceedings.

Boundary disputes can also be complicated as boundaries change over time and it can be hard to define who is responsible for a particular boundary. We will make an honest assessment of any removals, replacements and adjustments of boundaries before looking at your chances of success and where the boundary lies now. If the boundary is your responsibility then you are liable to maintain it.

Making sure you look into effective legal representation at an early stage of the dispute is essential for preventing a bitter and expensive conflict that will escalate. At Merritts Solicitors we aim to find a solution for all domestic, commercial and agricultural properties quickly and as straightforward as possible. You will also need to gather as much evidence as you can such as title deeds to identify the size of the land in question and the properties around it.

We are always providing our clients with an efficient, friendly and first class service. So our team will listen to your concerns and answer your questions before discussing the best outcome based on your interests.

Give us a call on 01642 885555 or make an online enquiry today to find out more information about the boundary disputes we can advise on for properties in Ingleby Barwick.

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