Boundary Disputes Yarm

Boundary Disputes Yarm

Do you need advice regarding boundary disputes in Yarm? At Merritts Solicitors we are always seeking to offer effective solutions that meet your needs. This is so you can find a resolution easily to prevent a prolonged stressful time for you and your neighbours. Boundary disputes are common and can be over all types of land, from commercial or residential to agricultural.

Many people get confused over whether the boundary line is; as they think that the boundary between them and their neighbours property runs in a straight line down the middle, when in fact that is usually not the case.

Other issues that frequently arise around property disputes are objections to extensions, construction of an outbuilding or putting up fences that neighbouring properties disagree is their responsibility.

Boundary disputes are a complex area of law as boundaries can change over time so it is important to get professional legal advice. At Merritts Solicitors we work hard to help our clients through the most complicated disputes with regular updates throughout the process. Our team will also determine the correct boundaries at the time of the dispute.

We understand disputes can escalate quickly, so we aim to find a solution that protects the interest of our clients and is as hassle free as possible. Our team at Merritts Solicitors have the required experience, skills and expertise to guide you through any dispute. Whether that is finding a resolution from open negotiations, to court proceedings if necessary.

At Merritts Solicitors we are committed to providing all our clients with an efficient, first class service. We know there isn’t one solution for every situation so we will make sure to provide legal advice tailored to your individual circumstances.

So if you want more information on the boundary disputes advice we offer in Yarm, get in touch with us today on 01642 885555 or make an online enquiry.

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