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Unfortunately there are times when anyone can become involved in a disagreement. It may be a dispute about your rights or duties or about the quality of service you have given or received. At Merritts we have the necessary experience and expertise to guide you through any dispute including:

  • Building claims
  • Boundary disputes
  • Possession claims
  • Will and Inheritance claims
  • Professional negligence
  • Supply of goods
  • Supply of services

We understand that any dispute is upsetting and can be costly. We will explain matters to you and seek to provide effective solutions which meet your needs.


Who Can Help You?

Helen Baxter

Helen Baxter
Email: hb@merritts-solicitors.co.uk

Matthew Moran

Matthew Moran
Email: mm@merritts-solicitors.co.uk

Victoria Skelton

Victoria Skelton
Litigation Executive
Email: vs@merritts-solicitors.co.uk

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